Let’s Be Unicorns & Eat Cupcakes

A holistic and fun approach to living well
with invisible illnesses.


Tammy Price {HHC, AADP} is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, An Allergy Friendly Chef, as well as a Diabetes Prevention Lifestyle Coach, Wellness Educator & Group Facilitator.

She is certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and has worked with Physicians to help create wellness programs.

Mrs. Price has helped many who are living with disabling, invisible illnesses learn how to manage their conditions naturally.

She is known for her holistic & fun approach to health and wellness. She focuses on...

  • Nutrition {with Seasonal, Local and Organic Foods
  • Balance {Relationships, Career Physical Activity & Spiritual Practice}
  • Empowerment {Self-Discovery}
  • Self-Awareness & Loving Self-Care


Let’s Be Unicorns & Eat Cupcakes is a holistic and fun approach to better managing disabling invisible illnesses. It is a useful guidebook to better health, no matter what you are struggling with.

Tammy Price shares some of her journey, including struggles & successes. This book is filled with funny anecdotes & inspirational stories. You will discover many ways to support your body naturally. Included is a workbook & journal to help you on your journey to better managing your health and learning what works best for you.

You will be guided on a fun adventure of self-discovery & empowerment with resources and tools to help you make healthier choices along with finding what is best for your health and healing. It is your launching pad to living a fuller life.

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